When UK Citizens Will See Driverless Cars on Roads

People talk much about driverless cars and their perspectives for the future. It seems that they are going to overflow the country’s roads soon and we will forget about traditional cars in a few years. However, it is easier to say than done and we still don’t see many of such cars on our roads.

Speaking about when driverless cars will become a part of our usual life, most of the people say just “in the future”. But the UK Transport Secretary is going to be more specific. Chris Grayling recently stated that we are supposed to see the truly driverless cars on UK roads just in three-four years.

However, the Transport Secretary doesn’t think that driverless electric cars will rapidly replace traditional vehicles. We will need a long transitional period when we are going to see the decrease in the number of traditional cars and popularization of self-driving vehicles.

Chris Grayling also told us about his prognosis about the future of diesel and petrol cars. He thinks that they will still be popular for many years, especially diesel vehicles that still have many perspectives. As he states, the last petrol and diesel card will be sold twenty years later.