Microsoft Stops Producing Touch-friendly Office Software

For several years, the Microsoft company provided its Office users with the touch-optimized apps. It seems to end soon and may be connected with the low popularity of Windows Mobile. Microsoft is not going to develop new features for Windows Mobile and will focus on the traditional version of Windows for touchscreen devices.

However, current users of Word, Excel, and other Office programs for touchscreen should not worry. The company is going to support all this software and release security updates when needed. But if you are interested in Office software that offers you new features, you should think about using the package for other platforms.

Now the priorities of the company are the Microsoft Office packages for iOS and Android. If you are already a user of any of these versions, you should wait for new features an improvements from Microsoft.

For everyone who wants to use the latest Office features, the company offers a new proposition with the personal subscription plan for Office 365. Users can install the main set of programs, including Word, Excel, and Outlook, and stay logged there from all the devices, desktop, and mobiles.

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