Choose how the Movie Ends with Netflix

There were several experiments with alternative endings in the cinema history. Now, Netflix is also going to have such an experiment and let viewers consider how the movie or episode ends. It would make streaming television even more interactive for users.

By the way, Netflix already has such an experience. The “Puss in Book” program, released earlier, gave viewers the possibility to choose from a few alternative endings. The company wants to increase the number of such projects and do such experiments with its movies and series.

It is said that the first project of this kind will be released by the end of this year. Netflix has a lot of popular shows but it is also producing new programs every month, so this project can work both with old running shows and new projects that were not mentioned in the public media.

There is also the information that the famous show “Black Mirror” will also be a part of this project. These series moved to Netflix a few years ago, giving more possibilities to its showrunners and more interesting content to its viewers. Two seasons of this series are already available for the users of this network.

The company doesn’t give much information about this project, but if the experiment will bring it necessary results, it may become a common practice for Netflix and all other streaming services. Even if the experiment will not go well, there still will be a lot of exciting programs of the traditional format.