Antivirus Software to Install in October 2018

As thousands of computer and mobile users become victims of viruses and malware, most of them think about installing the reliable antivirus software. We collected the information about such programs and analyzed which of them are the best to install by October 2019.

The leader of our rating is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. If you install the latest version of this program, you get the necessary level of accuracy, the cheap subscription, and such an interesting feature as the password manager. However, this software may be hungry for resources so you are recommended to install in only if you have the powerful hardware.

Another good program is Norton AntiVirus Basic. Except for its usual functionality, it blocks even malware that was invented recently. It doesn’t need many resources so you don’t need the powerful hardware if you are going to work on your devices normally. However, some users notice that the browser extensions of Norton AntiVirus are not much reliable.

Specialists also recommend installing Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus. It is very lightweight and you should use it to run with not very powerful hardware. It doesn’t need many resources and works very fast, in comparison with other similar applications. However, the top labs don’t provide testing data for this antivirus.

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